Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Basket Ideas

Here are a list of basket ideas -  Items should be new.  I think in new condition, but used books or new handmade items are both acceptable.  

Splash It Up!
Beach or pool theme -
(look for clearance items now)
Towels, water guns, pool

Arts and Crafts
Crayons, paper, markers, paints,

Kiss the Cook
Kitchen items, aprons, Pampered Chef, cook book, mixes

Health, Mind & Body
Massage, lotions, fitness, candles

Gone Golfing

Road Trip
Travel theme

Let's Have a Ball
Sports related

That's Italian

Green Thumb
Gardening items, seeds, flowers

Birthday Party  
Balloons, cake, decorations, gift certificate to the Bounce House or Amazing Jake's

Pinata, chips & salsa,  dishes, candles

Great Outdoors
Camping, hiking, tent, camp chairs

Just for Dad
BarBQ, sports, camping

Library Time
Books, gift card to book store

Family Game Night
Treats, board games, DVD's

Backyard Fun or Picnic
Ice chest, small grill, picnic blanket


Fun Around Town
AZ themed, local places to visit

Date Night - Dinner and a Movie
Gift cards, movie tickets, popcorn

Boy Oh Boy
Young boy themed, scooter, Legos
Hot Wheels, dinosaurs, super heroes, Nerf

Little Girl
Barbie, Little Pet Shop, My Little Ponies
craft kits, jewelry, hair accessories

I Scream for Ice Cream
Ice cream maker, toppings, dishes,
gift cards to ice cream place

New baby
Diapers, quilt, stroller, toys, books

Home Improvement
Pest control, carpet cleaning, welcome mat

i-tunes gift card,  mp3 player

Holiday Themed 

Disney Themed

Eduprize Baskets

Here are some examples of baskets that Eduprize had at their Spring Carnival last year.  They raised $14,000 on their Silent Auction baskets. (They do have 3 times as many students as we do.) Some of their baskets did go for a lot of money -but they also had a lot that went between $40-$80.   In the past our raffle baskets have been quite small,  but I am hoping we can think big this year! Below are some examples and the amount for which they sold.
Aquarium Theme - Fish themed games, DVD, gift cards and aquarium -  $165
     Pool Time - $90
 Leapster Basket -  $160

 Date Night - $240  (This one was all about the packaging!)

 Movie Madness - $175

 Lego Mania - $215  (They had 2 other Lego baskets that went for $100 and $111)

Wii game night -  $360
 Diamondback themed basket    -  $130

Family movie night - $138

Crayola basket  - $85

X-box basket - $375

We Love Books - $75
(This was the used book basket!)

 Chick- Fil-A basket - $30

 Overall room where the auction was held