Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eduprize Baskets

Here are some examples of baskets that Eduprize had at their Spring Carnival last year.  They raised $14,000 on their Silent Auction baskets. (They do have 3 times as many students as we do.) Some of their baskets did go for a lot of money -but they also had a lot that went between $40-$80.   In the past our raffle baskets have been quite small,  but I am hoping we can think big this year! Below are some examples and the amount for which they sold.
Aquarium Theme - Fish themed games, DVD, gift cards and aquarium -  $165
     Pool Time - $90
 Leapster Basket -  $160

 Date Night - $240  (This one was all about the packaging!)

 Movie Madness - $175

 Lego Mania - $215  (They had 2 other Lego baskets that went for $100 and $111)

Wii game night -  $360
 Diamondback themed basket    -  $130

Family movie night - $138

Crayola basket  - $85

X-box basket - $375

We Love Books - $75
(This was the used book basket!)

 Chick- Fil-A basket - $30

 Overall room where the auction was held

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